Magnolia School District Calendar Holidays 2021- 22 | Important Update

Magnolia School District Calendar is a school district in Orange County, California, United States. There are 9 elementary schools, with the student-teacher ratio being 26:1, which is ideal for building a healthy student-teacher relationship.

Magnolia School District

The school provides the students with high-quality education with the intention of fully preparing them for colleges and careers in the 21st century. Seven schools out of the nine from the district have been awarded the California Gold Ribbon School Awards.

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Magnolia School District Calendar

Magnolia School District has released its 2021-2022 school calendar. We have provided you with the calendar here with other information related to the school. You can get all the important information related to your school here and you don’t need to visit any other website.

Magnolia School District Calendar


The calendar provided above is downloadable in various formats such as PDF and Doc and can be carried anywhere on your device. Our main aim for writing this blog is to provide you with these calendars in HD quality to make your life more organized and systematic. So just click on the button to directly download the calendar. 

Magnolia School District Calendar 2021

As you know the new session in Magnolia School District Calendar is about to begin. So you must be searching for calendars. But your search ends here as you can find here calendars and planners for the new session 2021-2022.

Magnolia School District Calendar 2021


Calendars from time immemorial have been important tools for time management and planning. From students to professionals, everyone needs a calendar in their lives. Students and parents can download these calendars and note down important dates and events and even hang them on the wall of their rooms. 

Magnolia School District, Washington Calendar Holidays 2021

The Magnolia School Board Committee has released the new calendar and as students, you must be curious to know about the important dates. You can find here the list of holidays and important dates, such as federal holidays and examination dates, for the upcoming session 2021-2022. 

The path to success in every student’s life is discipline and punctuality, and calendars are the perfect tools for that. So you can have a quick glance at the important dates here such as the first day of school or examination dates. This will help you stay prepared for examinations and take part in events and extracurricular activities. You can also check out other school calendars from our website which are available in PDF and Doc format.

Magnolia County School District Proposed Calendar 2021-2022

The holiday list below contains all the information regarding the upcoming holidays and events for the whole year. Although we provide you with updated calendars with correct information, there might be last-minute changes by the management. So you must keep checking the official website for any recent announcements and updates. 

You can download this holiday calendar for 2021-2022 for checking out all the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Summer Break, Spring Break, etc. Please let us know if we have missed out on any holiday or any other information. Our main aim is to provide you with an updated list of holidays by month.

Magnolia School District CoronaVirus Update

The Magnolia School District Calendar is concerned about the safety of its students and teachers, so is taking every step to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. The school authorities keep tracking the Covid-19 situation in the area in order to decide upon a further course of action. 

According to the latest Covid-19 situation on December 28th, 2020, the school authorities have not yet proposed any school reopening date. But you must keep checking their website for any further updates regarding school reopening. 

The school ensures to take all hygiene and sanitation measures when the school reopens such as thermal screening, social distancing, sanitization of classrooms, wearing of masks, etc.

Magnolia School District Jobs

Magnolia School District Calendar provides many job opportunities for those who are looking for growth and stability in their career. Although there are many vacancies which keep on coming regularly, here I have provided some job positions which are currently open.

Some of the job positions which are currently vacant are Night Custodian, Long Term Immersion Substitute Teacher – Spanish, and Substitute Teacher. You can keep checking their main website or search the internet to get the latest updates regarding job vacancies and opportunities. 

Magnolia School District Pay Scale

Magnolia School District Calendar has a rewarding salary structure for all the job positions according to the nature of work and position. So the salary structure varies from position to position and provided on a fair basis. Here I shall provide you with the salary estimates for some of the positions to give you a fair idea.

For example, Teacher salary – $79k- $85k approx, Long Term Substitute Teacher – $150 – $160 per day approx, Nigh Custodian – $3.8k -$4.8k per month approx, etc.

Magnolia School District Phone Number

Here we shall also provide you with the contact number of the main office of the Magnolia School District, i.e., (714) 761- 5533. You can contact the school authorities during working hours to get any information or ask a query. 

Magnolia School District Map

Given below is the Magnolia School District map in a downloadable format. You can use it to get directions or locations of the school district. If you are going to the school for the first time or do not stay in the area, this map will be very useful for you to know about your school location and know your school better. But if you don’t know the school district in which your address falls, then you must consult the school authorities or visit their official website.

Here we have tried to cover all the information you require about the Magnolia School District Calendar. But still, if you feel any information is lacking or not updated, you can comment below and we will try to update it as soon as possible. The best source of information is the school’s official website which you can visit here

We would be happy to read your thoughts or opinions regarding the blog in the comment section below so please do comment! And don’t forget to share this calendar with your friends and family. 

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