Issaquah School District Calendar Holidays 2021- 22 | Important Update

Here you will get the Issaquah School District Calendar for the session 2021-2022 in PDF and Word formats. For more such calendars and updates, you can visit our website. 

Issaquah School District Calendar is a public school district situated in King County, Washington, United States. This school district serves Issaquah as well as the areas of Sammamish, Renton, Bellevue, and Newcastle. The district was founded in 1905 and has 24 schools including 4 high schools, 5 middle schools, and 15 elementary (K-5) schools. 

Issaquah School District

As of the current session 2021-2022, the school has enrolled 20, 965 students. The student-teacher ratio here is 19 to 1, which is ideal for the effective learning process and overall development of the students.

The main motto of the school is to provide the best quality education to the students and not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, color, etc. 

Issaquah School District Calendar

Here we bring to you the Issaquah School District Calendar in PDF and Word format. This is a downloadable and printable version and you can save it on any device. As you know that a calendar is so important in a student’s life and helps them to achieve their goals timely and be prepared beforehand. In everyday life also, the calendar is important and required in almost every place such as schools, offices, and homes.

Issaquah School District Calendar


It is an essential tool to keep our lives organized such as for scheduling events, checking dates, or planning vacations. Although you will find many school calendars online, they will not be of high quality or easy to use. Here we provide you with choices of calendars for the Issaquah district which you can download in PDF and Doc version. This is so easy to download and you can also share it with your friends and family to make their lives easy. 

Issaquah School District Calendar 2021

There are many events and activities which are held in the Issaquah School District Calendar every year, such as dances, assemblies, sporting events, etc. Parents often worry whether their children follow a routine and have all the important information regarding examinations and events beforehand. 

Now you don’t have to go anywhere as you can find all the important information regarding the Issaquah School District Calendar here in this blog. We have provided you with the complete list of holidays and important dates for the session 2021-2022 in downloadable format. What’s more, you can find updated information from the management regarding your school here. 

Issaquah School District, Washington Calendar Holidays 2021

Issaquah is one of the major school districts in Washington serving students from nearby districts as well. So it is very important that students are well-equipped with calendars and planners beforehand so that they have knowledge about events and dates beforehand and do not have to waste their time searching for this information later on. 

Hence, the Issaquah District Calendar is prepared by the school Board Committee well in advance, for the benefit of students and teachers alike. 

Issaquah County School District Proposed Calendar 2021-2022

I know that all of you are looking forward to the session 2021-2022. The first day of the session for the Issaquah students will be September 1. But all these dates are subject to change by the school authorities so here we provide you with the proposed school calendar. 

You can find below the list of all the important dates you require for the session such as winter or spring breaks, federal holidays, etc. This will ensure your peace of mind and keep you well informed regarding the upcoming events.

Issaquah School District CoronaVirus Update

The pandemic has shrouded the students with uncertainty regarding the school dates but you don’t need to worry anymore. The school ensures that everyone including the students and teachers transitions to the new normal smoothly and makes the process enjoyable.

The school continues to operate with remote learning processes until the situation in the district improves. According to the latest update from the school authorities on April 6, 2021, announced that the schools will remain closed for the whole session of 2021-2022 in the wake of rising cases in the USA. 

According to the latest update from the school’s website, if the positivity rate falls below 5% and stays to that level for a minimum of seven days, then the kindergarten and first standard students will be called back to school. For more updates, you must keep visiting the official site

As per the Public Health Authorities, this step is important to protect the staff and the students. Once the school reopens, mandatory safety measures will be taken in the schools such as social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizers in every classroom, sanitization of classrooms and corridors, etc. 

Issaquah School District Jobs

The pandemic has hit everybody hard and it has become tougher for people to find desirable jobs. But there are good job opportunities provided by the Issaquah School District Calendar as they provide full support to their staff and provide them full growth opportunities. There are a lot of job vacancies available and you can apply if the job suits you. 

Although you must keep checking their official website for their current job vacancies, I can list you some of the job openings which are available right now. Some of the job vacancies provided by the school are of the school nurse, paraprofessional, substitute paraprofessional, and HVAC technician. If you want us to provide you with the updated information or answer any queries, you can let us know through your comments below and we would be happy to help you. 

Issaquah School District Pay Scale

The Issaquah District has a good pay scale according to the job position or title. The employees are paid fairly according to the jobs done by them. Here we shall be mentioning the average pay scale of some of the jobs, to give you a fair idea.

For instance, for jobs like Elementary School Teacher- $35k-$75k approx, for Assistant Teacher-  $24k- $49k approx, Preschool Teacher- $20.6k- $37k, Kindergarten Teacher – $36k- $73k approx, Middle School Teacher – $43k- $79k, High School Teacher- $44k- $83k approx, etc. 

Issaquah School District Phone Number

Here we shall provide you with the Issaquah School District Calendar phone number, where you can contact for all your queries and information. You can contact 425-837-6140 which is the contact number of the Main Office and Counselling Office. You can also visit the official website – for more information and updates regarding the school. 

Issaquah School District Map

We are providing you here with the district map, which will help you find the location of your school precisely. But to know in which school boundary your home falls, you must contact the authorities.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach us by commenting below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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